Welcome to The Forensic Psychology Centre

Best-practice forensic psychology intervention & assessment

The Forensic Psychology Centre (FPC) is an expert service centre providing independent psychological assessment, treatment and training services for forensic and legal matters Australia-wide.

We provide expertise in risk assessments, formulations, treatment plans, risk management plans, recommendations to court, rehabilitation and counselling.

We have particular expertise in the psychological treatment of sexual offending behaviours and the management of sex offenders. FPC is the only forensic service in Australia that has the capability to utilise polygraph and penile plethysmography (PPG) in the assessment and treatment services provided.

Psychological Risk Assessments and Court Reports

Our psychologists provide expert opinion and court reports on forensic psychological matters, including general risk assessments and specific sexual and violence risk assessment.

Regular assessments information sheets

Highly qualified and experienced team

Our psychologists are doctoral and post-graduate experts with many years experience working in healthcare, correctional and legal systems. All our psychologists are members of the Australian Psychological Society and fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. We have an emerging research profile and maintain our clinical and forensic specialities through ongoing inter-disciplinary professional development.

Our clients

We offer advice and consultancy to legal proceedings, health and social service agencies, government departments, non-governmental organisations and individuals navigating the legal system.

Forensic Psychology Centre Expert Services

Following are examples of the breadth of instructions we undertake:

  • Competence to stand trial & suggestibility
  • Sentencing & mitigation
  • Violence risk assessment & intervention
  • Assessment & treatment with special populations, including intellectual disability & mental illness
  • Sexual offending risk assessment & intervention
  • Post-conviction sex offender polygraph testing
  • Sexual deviancy assessment
  • Family Court reports
  • Forensic family assessments, including risk of harm & capacity to protect
  • Compulsive use of the Internet, including sexual addiction and child abuse and exploitation images
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Fire-setting
  • Mental vulnerability & impairment
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Criminal compensation
  • Immigration matters
  • Mitigation reports
  • Consultancy to tribunals and inquiries

Next steps

Please call us on (07) 3162 0611 for a confidential discussion about your matter or email us with details of your enquiry or treatment requirements.

We can provide advice and a quotation for expert services to help you or your client with the psychological evaluation requirements of your matter.