About the Forensic Psychology Centre Brisbane

Our psychologists have a high level of training and professionalism. Our consultants bring national and international experience from a wide variety of forensic contexts. They are all registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, are members of the Australian Psychology Society and are registered Medicare providers. Consultants at Forensic Psychology Centre adhere to the highest standards of ethical and psychological practice to ensure they provide the best quality service to clients.

The basic principles of our approach derive from social learning theory and we are guided by a framework based on cognitive behavioural and relapse prevention treatment approaches. Our approach is constantly evolving based on current research findings and our clinical experience. We believe all our clients can change and that such change is best facilitated by treating them respectfully. We distinguish our clients’ actions from themselves as persons and we emphasize their strengths as well as targeting their deficits.


All Forensic Psychology Centre consultants are registered psychologists who have specific training and significant experience working in forensic contexts. All our consultants have worked in secure forensic hospitals, prisons and within community based treatment and assessment services. Our psychologists continue to participate regularly in clinical practice with clients in relation to forensic matters, including both assessment and treatment and the provision of court reports.

Consultants have high professional standards and endeavor to provide a prompt and quality psychological service. To maintain practicing certificates and to ensure a high quality of service, consultants regularly engage in continuing professional development activities and supervision. Forensic Psychology Centre consultants adhere to the professional codes of the Australian Psychological Society and the Psychology Board of Australia.