Forensic Psychology Services

The application of psychology to the understanding and prevention of criminal behaviour is an ever evolving area. Indeed, within the past several years alone, significant advances relative to research, theory, and practice have increased professionals’ understanding of critical issues for both adult offenders and juveniles who have committed offenses.

Without a doubt, forensic psychology has emerged as a highly distinct area within the criminal and juvenile justice fields. As such, all professionals who have a role in the process must possess specific knowledge about offenders, victims, and effective interventions, and should make ongoing efforts to remain abreast of emerging research and promising practice in the field of management. Such knowledge is critical to facilitate informed and responsible decision making by all parties, at all levels, and throughout all aspects of the offender assessment, treatment and management process.

Forensic Expert Services

The Forensic Psychology Centre (FPC) is a assessment, treatment and training service for forensic issues and legal matters.

Forensic Psychology Centre consultants have training and expertise in the use of the most up-to-date and well-researched test instruments and technologies, and have a commitment to evidence-based interventions. All FPC consultants are registered psychologists who have specific training and significant experience working in forensic contexts. All our consultants have worked in secure forensic hospitals, prisons and within community based treatment and assessment services.

Our psychologists continue to participate regularly in clinical practice with clients in relation to forensic matters, including both assessment and treatment and the provision of court reports. We have received training in providing evidence in court and report writing in the context of psych-legal proceedings. Some of our consultants at the FPC are available to complete Legal Aid funded psychological reports.

Forensic Psychology Centre Expert Services

Following are examples of the types of instructions we undertake:

  • Competence to stand trial & suggestibility
  • Sentencing & mitigation
  • Violence risk assessment & intervention
  • Assessment & treatment with special populations, including intellectual disability & mental illness
  • Sexual offending risk assessment & intervention
  • Post-conviction sex offender polygraph testing
  • Sexual deviancy assessment
  • Domestic violence
  • Family Court reports
  • Forensic family assessments including risk of harm & capacity to protect
  • Compulsive use of the Internet, including sexual addiction and child abuse images
  • Stalking
  • Fire-setting
  • Mental vulnerability & impairment
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Consultancy to tribunals and inquiries
  • Criminal compensation
  • Immigration matters
  • Mitigation reports