Sexual/Violent Offender Assessment and Treatment

The Forensic Psychology Centre undertakes risk assessments of individuals who have been charged or convicted, or who have allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviours and/or violent behaviour. These assessments are conducted using formal and empirically validated risk assessment tools to determine an individual’s risk of offending by evaluating static and dynamic risk factors related to sexual/violent offending. Risk assessment reports provide treatment and management recommendations for individuals in both community and custodial settings.

Our typical sex offender reports will include and/or comment on the following aspects related to the individual client or offender:

  • Comprehensive psychosocial history
  • Sexual arousal patterns and interests
  • Sexual deviancy
  • Personality characteristics, including personality disorder and psychopathy
  • Cognitive functioning, including intellectual and memory functioning
  • Illicit substance and alcohol use
  • Mental health functioning
  • Unique factors related to the offending behaviours
  • Risk of future sexual violence and/or general violence (if appropriate)
  • Formulation of offending behaviours
  • Treatment recommendations (if appropriate)
  • Disposal recommendations (if appropriate)
  • Supervision and management recommendations (if appropriate).

Assessment Information Sheet: