Workshops and Training

The Forensic Psychology Centre (FPC) provides expert consultancy and training services to individuals, groups, and organisations for a range of issues relating to forensic matters.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services can include mentoring and/or assistance in developing policies and practices for working with clients with complex psychological and/or behavioural needs, whilst structured group training is offered for:

  • understanding forensic populations and offending behaviours
  • enhancing capacity to engage and work with people with challenging and special needs
  • development of knowledge and skills in areas such as communication skills, effective interviewing, conflict management and diffusion
  • understanding and managing risk in clients and the workplace

Training and Development

The FPC has persistently sought to bring world-class leaders in both the practice and research of forensic psychology to Queensland.

We have a proud track record of uniting our accomplished colleagues from across the industry to provide best-practice training, workshops and seminars, and engage in the process of continuous education and development

Why is Professional Development important?

The application of psychology to the understanding and prevention of criminal behaviour is an ever-evolving area. Significant advances have been made in a short time span relative to research, theory, and practice, and have increased professionals’ understanding of critical issues for both adult offenders and juveniles who have committed offences.

Without a doubt, forensic psychology has emerged as a highly distinct area within the criminal and juvenile justice fields.

Possessing accurate knowledge about offenders, victims, and theories of criminal behaviour and rehabilitation is necessary for the delivery of effective interventions. Accordingly, FPC believes it is critical for every psychologist in the field to make ongoing efforts to consistently remain abreast of emerging research and methods of practice in the field of offender management.

Such knowledge is vital to facilitate informed and responsible decision-making by all parties, at all levels, and throughout all aspects of the offender assessment, treatment and management process.


The FPC also runs and supports several professional development seminars and workshops throughout the year that are presented by local and international speakers who are experts in the field.

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